HellSpec is a blog for ‘top-of-the-range’ tech and car enthusiasts. Here, we only discuss about the best of the best.

We started our blogging in 2020, even though we were talking about starting something like this for a long time. Our key power is we always take consideration from our readers and discuss what is what. We talk less now and show even more (we meant more meaningful contents than boring introduction).

We are based in Sydney, which is somewhere in Australia, and during the inauguration of this blog, we were surrounded by bush fires. However, we are not limited to Sydney or Australia, we are from various parts of the world with one mission. Melt your brain with absolute top specs.

Since we believe that we and our readers are a joint (not that ‘joint’ you are thinking) community, you may need to connect with us to correct or contribute (which may lead you to ultimately join us). Since we always give credits and mentions everyone who helped ‘HellSpec’ to do whatever it have done, its a good choice to keep in touch with us. Email us, or follow us on Twitter, or both. We are happy to say hi!